Mouse Practice mouse.jpg

Trip into town.

Preschool mouse practice:

several games

hold down mouse button to move the bubble

drag and drop

drag and drop refrigerator magnets

connect the dots by clicking

alphabet matching by clicking

coloring with precise mouse clicks - one picture

Sorting / NamingNina.JPG

First letter

Rhyming Words


fuzzy lion ears - pbs

ABC's abc.jpg

first letter

abc order
make 3 letter words with Cookie Monster's alphabet soup.

starfall phonics

Word Builder

Word Match

Coloring / Painting
paint, color, shape stamp

Numbers numbers.jpg

count the apples

count to 5 or to 10.

Count to 100.

Count chickens.

Counting game.
connect the dots

number jumbler

Think math


Puzzles jigsaw-puzzle-pieces-thumb2129555.jpg

Decorate a Pumpkin pumpkin7.gif

Ben and Jerry's pumpkin decorating - drag and drop

Dress a Snowman snowman.jpg

drag and drop

drag and drop

drag and drop

Keyboarding keyboard.jpg

Spider typer.

keyboard climber
Find keys
key seeker